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( Jul. 30th, 2008 03:40 pm)
So, as many of you are unaware, I'm in Myrtle Beach this week with Felix and his family on a last minute invitation to join them.

I tell you this to set up the lawlz worthy encounter I just had on the beach.

Last night I purchased a stunt kite. We had n luck with it yesterday due to no wind, but today was quite nice for flying. Well we went down to the beach, swam a bit, etc, then I broke out the kite. After a few dozen failed flights I started getting the hang of it. Wheeee!!!

Unfortunately during my learning process, the wind suddenly dies and sent the kite into one of the beach umbrellas that you can rent. No damage done, however the people under it were a bit upset. We apologized and moved a bit lower down the beach, they seemed fine with that. There were no more incidents after that.

10 minutes go by until a lifeguard comes up and starts jumping down my throat. They apparently told him that they were hit by my kite, etc, etc, bs an lies. Well life guard guy gets all pissed off that I did not crash it instantly, rather electing for a graceful landing. He threatens to get the cops to escort me off the beach. Either way, I land, he goes away.

While I was packing up I gave the complainants a dirty look, and when when I'm just about backed up another kitest comes out and starts to setup. Felix elected to snidely ask if they were going to have him kicked off too. Well, that got the ball rolling. They jump up and start yelling at us and making a scene. The wife yell at me about giving her "go to hell looks" (LOL!). I tilt my glasses down and smile, she stops talking. I tell her, "Fine, I'll stop giving you looks.. Go to hell" And turn and start walking back to the hotel. The husband starts freaking out, screaming he is gonna come kick my ass, how dare I speak to his wife like that, etc.

In the end he never had the balls to touch me, and that was the last thing I told them. Felix and his mom called the life guard over, and he told them to leave the beach. So, I feel like I won in the end.

Whats funny is that is they had simply said they were not comfortable with me flying near them I would have moved and that would have been that.


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