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( Feb. 21st, 2007 07:22 am)
Going in order I suppose I’ll mention Lilpups housewarming party first.

I managed to get off work early Friday night and by 1am we were on the road to Philly. We dragged in half dead at 6am and since pup an company were already up we decided to stay up an help clean.

Felix chilled at the house an slept a bit while I went with pup an tigress to Home despot. Thankfully that even when tired my Jew powers are still operating. We needed to get a 4x8 piece of sheeting to make the deck of the crib Tigress was setting up, but pup did not want to put it on the roof rack. So, we decided to have it cut. Long story short the saw did not track perfectly straight and it had a 1/2” nick in one edge. I asked him if he wanted to hook us up on it and he marked it damaged. 10 dollar board became a 2.01 board at the register! Woot!

After that we got a bite and then hit Jo-Ann fabrics for the foam to make the mattress in the crib. While they were looking for foam I was browsing the sales. I got 4 yards of bright yellow fleece and 4 yards of diaper flannel. Unfortunately one of the stock girls dropped a bolt of fleece on my head while I was getting the yellow off the rack. We all laughed an they were sorry, but I could not irk a discount out of em for the potential brain damage I had endured.

I don’t remember a whole lot about the time leading up to the party. I did dishes an helped clean up but that’s about it.

The party was a real blast and I got to see some folks I haven’t in ages, meet several very cool new folks, and unfortunately see Pochi’s uninvited ass.

Tiggycat and I made up, and I must say he is one of those folks I handle better in person than online; a total departure from how most people are to me.

Also Kelby and Makuus are friggin awesome; it was great meting both you guys!

And there is obvious other folks I forgot, but with 4 hours of sleep in two days you’ll have to understand.

On Sunday after much needed sleep I got up to find about half the house asleep still. After a little brainstorming about what to eat we made an executive decision (Makuus, Tiggy and I) to just make breakfast. So, we hit the store and about an hour later had waffles (in the “make it your own damn self waffle station”), bacon, sausage, muffins, scrambled eggs, and plenty of able an orange juice! It was a real hit and the 5 bucks we asked folks to kick in was more than fair seeing as everyone was stuffed, and no one had to get out of their sleepers! I’m really proud of the folks theat were there, we came 3 bucks from breaking even, and that’s actually perfect since I hadn’t kicked in (I did drive, pay for, and cook it all!).

So in short it was a very awesome weekend and I would like to thank everyone that made it out! It was a really great trip!


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