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( Jan. 25th, 2006 03:13 pm)
*this is being posted late, it was typed up while driving back, but I forgot to pull it from the laptop and post it up here.*


Well we’re finally back from New Years in NoVA. For starters I want to address all of those folks on my friends list and such that are whining about not doing anything for new years. I’m so sick of seeing “ooh poor me” posts about how you didn’t do shit for New Years or whatnot. GET A LIFE! You and only you are responsible for your own happiness; no one else. Period. With that said, onto how Felix, Lilpup and I had a great weekend.

Our original plans included going to a party, hanging around DuPont Circle in DC, and seeing Brokeback Mountain. Well that changed before we even left. Lilpup moved up to Philly this weekend and needed a hand, so Thursday night after I got off work we drove up to his old place in Silver Springs, MD. After catching 5 hours of sleep Pup an I went an got the Budget truck; a massive 16 footer. Loading was quick and uneventful, though as expected it was under half full.

After packing up and getting padded for the drive we headed up to Philly. I have never had soooooooo much fun driving a moving van. For starters it had poorly aimed/designed mirrors which left the right side almost completely blind. Felix kept jumping up to 75-80mph, I got ditched at the toll gate and got to fight rush hour traffic alone, and got cut off so close on more than one occasion that I came within inches of a wreck. Needless to say by the time I finally hooked back up with Felix and Pup I was one giant, throbbing, and raw nerve. I was so stressed and tense that even though my bladder was aching from need I couldn’t use my diaper until we stopped; and then it was dead in one wetting *grins*

Aside from that we arrived rather uneventfully, albeit too late for Pup to sign his lease that night and allow us to move him in that night. LilKitt was coming down to help unload but instead of us unloading Pup’s stuff we all caught a nice dinner and enjoyed Kitt and his fiancées company. After saying our good byes Pup jumped online, got a room at a nearby hotel and we promptly drove down and crashed for the night.

I’ve never stayed in a Hampton Inn before, but even though there a bit more expensive the breakfast spread was well worth it (even though pup paid :> ). After getting out of the hotel we went back over and got his lease squared away, his stuff unloaded, and the truck cleaned out we headed back for MD to return his truck and get the trash out of his old place.

Despite our best efforts to hurry, a wreck on 95, taking longer than expected at pup’s place, and general delays put us about an hour late for the New Years party in Alexandria. Despite the delay several folks arrived after us. In short the ball dropped, I got drunk, and we did a good deal of hanging out before crashing at 3am.

Our most gracious host had a very nice guest room that Felix and I crashed in (hehe, it’s nicer than our bedroom at home!). We were roused at the crack of 8am (yawn) and got down stairs about 8:30ish to hang out and have breakfast. Though the details aren’t important, our stay was hands down the nicest I’ve ever had at any party of this nature I’ve ever been to.

After taking off from the party we headed over to FoxChilds place a few miles up the road and caught the Metro into DC. After tooling around for awhile, buying a few more gay fetish books (if you ask really nice I may tell what there about ), we went an saw Brokeback Mountain.

I’m not going to give any of the details of it away, but it was a very sweet and beautiful movie. Though not exactly of the happy sort at all times it really hit home and brought tears to my eyes more than once. I strongly recommend everyone go see it, if nothing else download it.

After the movie we headed back to foxchilds place and said our good byes before we went down the road and got a room for the night with Pup. Everything after that has been uneventful.. I’m writing this update while riding back from NoVA. This weekend gave me a lot to think about in the direction of our relationship, but that’s for a locked post an possibly another time.


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