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( Feb. 22nd, 2007 01:05 pm)
So, I’ve been meaning to talk about this, but it has really been a depressing subject as of late.

On the way back from Pup’s place Sunday night I called Felix’s mom to make sure my fish were getting fed. She said she would go do it in a bi an take care of it. After about 5 minutes she calls us back to say the tank is down 1/4 and there is water all over the floor.

I had her unplug the power canister filter and the heaters as we pondered what to do. We called up a local friend that is into fish and they came over right away to help Felix’s mom deal with the rapidly leaking tank.

Within 30 minutes the entire 55 gallons of the tank had leaked out though what would later be determined as a blown seal in the back read of the tank.

On the positive side all but the crab and 2 loaches were saved. The plants and fish are a bit stressed, but everything survived.

I got a new tank and heater on Monday, got it setup Tuesday, moved the fish and plants back Wednesday, and got the plants replanted today. All I have left to do is trim one of my canopies to fit the narrower lip on this tank.

By Sunday I should have all the crap picked up enough to rent a steamer and clean the carpets near the tank, as well as the others in the living room an hallway.

So yeah.. whee.


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