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([personal profile] foxcub Sep. 18th, 2008 11:51 pm)
I took a nice ride downtown today, down the trails by two of the rivers, and then thought downtown to the point. All in all, an awesome ride. Something happened though at Starbucks that really, really bothered me.

I had my Trek cabled up to a tree, with my exceedingly heavy, thick, strong cable and ridiculously large lock. I'm sitting inside sucking my mint mocha chip frap, reading nursing junk, watching my bike out the window. Some black dude walking by, stops, drops down, and physically checks the cable and lock, actually tugging on the lock. nearly a full 5 second transaction of him trying to ascertain the status of my security. WTF!?!?! And right in the middle of downtown with like a million people around.

This is the second time in three days that some black dude has made a pass at stealing my bike. WTF?! I'm not trying to be a raciest, but... THE NIGGS IS TRYIN TA STEAL MY BIKE! WTF!!!!!!!!

I'm just speechless. all I can say is WTF!
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