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([personal profile] foxcub Aug. 29th, 2008 11:48 pm)
Today was day two of my 4 day clinical rotation over the period of a month. This section is over maternity, starting the intrapartal care and later shifting to postpartal care before we move to the next unit; Peeds.

Well, aside from the patient hating me, men, the world, et. al I got to see a C section performed. No real patient interaction due to her hating "that cracker ass student". Mumm, lets here it for racially bigoted blacks!

But, I got to attend her C section. It was really cool, much more vivid and intense versus video recordings. The procedure took far longer than it should have, and as such I started overheating in the jumpsuit I had to wear. While I didn't hit the floor, I did stagger out, nearly knocked a table over, and ended up feeling like a total noob. Had some crackers and juice and recouped an cooled off before going back in and watching the whole thing.

but that it for now.. I'm exhausted from being up at 5 am. I'm pretty sure this is much less consistent than normal, bt I've got so much stuff rushing at me and thoughts and things flying around that in the times when it is quiet and calm that the chaos hits. All the mental notes and cares of the day demanding there last bit of attention before they get filed away.

but. yes sleep. I'm rambling.


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